A collage of two women wearing headbands and fresh makeup looks.

Do you envy women who enter and leave the gym looking like models? It’s easy to assume that they’ve won the genetic lottery, but no one on Earth has filter-perfect skin, especially after a grueling workout. The real trick is mastering fresh makeup looks that are cute and fuss-free. Of course, they need to be long-lasting, non-cakey, and breathable, too.

Lucky for you, we never gatekeep. Below, you can find all the details on the best sporty-chic makeup ideas you can try for your next activity.

French Riviera Face

TikTok is a treasure trove of fresh makeup looks, like and igari blush. The “French Riviera” face is somewhat a lovechild of these two beauty trends. It’s not too bronze or so heavy on the eyes and has just enough rosiness around the cheeks. The key is using a lighter shade of bronzer than you normally would. Swipe it across your forehead and cheekbones to get that sun-kissed glow. Play around with bright , but swap the red lipstick for a my-lips-but-better pinkish nude shade.

“Lee Hyori” Makeup

K-Pop idols never miss when it comes to serving fresh makeup looks. In honor of the Y2K renaissance, copy Lee Hyori’s makeup in her 10 Minutes music video. The golden glow and smoky eyes make the whole look effective and timeless. If you’re not into bold eye makeup, you can tone it down by drawing a shimmery with a highlighter stick.

Freckled Beauty

Freckles can make any look a little bit more effortless – so much so that people even use brown pencils to . If you’re blessed with these beauty marks, let them shine! Use a sheer foundation that allows your freckles to peek through. To complete the whole look, stick to soft and neutral tones for your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

Since freckled skin is often more sensitive to UV light, you need to be diligent about wearing sun protection. Make POND'S UV Hydrate Sunscreen part of your skincare routine. This broad-spectrum sunscreen has Hyaluron, which instantly hydrates and gives a nice, finish.

Bushy Brows + Pouty Lips

If you can’t be bothered to do a full-face makeup look, put all your efforts into your brows and lips. A few licks of tinted brow gel can add in a little bit of volume and at the same time. Those who have very thin or short-haired brows can manually draw feathery strokes with a pencil before going in with the gel. As for the lips, overline them (just the bottom part!) and finish with a coat of your favorite lipstick.

Killer Wings

The cat eye is a timeless makeup style that looks flattering on everyone. It goes well with every style, from streetwear to sporty and preppy. Nailing it, however, is not easy. The pressure not to mess it up is real because the slightest bump can force you to start over. That’s why you should do your eyeliner first before your foundation. Clean up the edges with micellar water and a cotton bud for the sharpest wings known to humanity.

Fresh Out of the Water

There’s a fine line between I-did-hot-yoga sweaty and a look. With the right techniques and products, you can achieve the latter, even after actually doing a hot yoga class. First, cleanse your skin with POND'S Bright Miracle Ultimate Clarity Facial Foam 100G. It contains – a blend of niacinamide and e-resorcinol – that has 20x brightening and nourishing power.

For the base, layer a hydrating primer and lightweight foundation (or tinted moisturizer). Set your T-zone with the tiniest amount of loose powder to control oiliness and apply a creamy, wet-look highlighter on the high points of your face. Also, lip gloss and cream blush are a must!

Playful Minimalism

Minimal makeup can be boring to some. One way to spice it up while still maintaining a “clean” allure is by adding graphic eyeliner. Relax, it’s easier than it looks. Sketch the design with an eye pencil before filling in the shapes with a gel, liquid, or cream liner. The fun part is you can pick any color, be it a shade that matches your top or your favorite sports team’s jersey.

Just because you’re throwing it down at the gym doesn’t mean you can’t play up your looks. Sport these fresh makeup looks on and off the court or whenever you’re in the mood for something extra. And if you feel like it, you can ditch the ponytail and try these to keep you cool.