A portrait of woman crying and wiping her tears away.

Nobody can be above ugly crying. Sometimes, a mini meltdown only takes a small trigger: a life insurance commercial you saw on Reels, your boss giving you listening to Billie Eilish’s What Was I Made For? on the second day of your period. Before you realize it, the floodgates are open and you’re having an outburst.

A sob fest can be cathartic. It may be what you need to clear your mind. But the , on top of the mental fatigue, is not it. People don’t have to know that you were covered in tears and snot just moments ago. That’s your business. So, follow this guide to help you bounce back and freshen up after a good session of ugly crying.

Don’t Feel Bad About Ugly Crying

Let go of any guilt or shame. You’re not a cry-baby just because you acknowledge and express your sadness. Instead of beating yourself up, try reframing it as an act of . You’re creating space to process your emotions rather than suppressing them, and that’s the healthy thing to do. As a matter of fact, research has shown that crying activates the , which helps soothe the body and improve your mood.

Find Out Why You’re Crying 

You can’t heal what you don’t know. It’s easy to pinpoint the reason behind some bouts of crying – a , a loss, or a particularly stressful day at work. However, the cause may not be so obvious at other times.

When you’re ugly crying for no apparent reason, take time to write (or reflect on) all your thoughts and feelings. Maybe that advertisement reminds you of your parents, whom you haven’t seen in years. The song on the radio might have mirrored how you’ve been feeling hopeless lately. This insight can help you understand your emotional state and reveal the underlying message behind the tears.

Have a Laugh

In terms of entertainment, trade the tearjerkers for feel-good stuff. Watch your comfort movies or TV shows, pick up a motivating book, or put on happy tunes. Even better, find something that will put a smile on your face. It could be a stand-up special on Netflix or a cat video on YouTube. can release endorphins and make you feel 10 pounds lighter, especially after a long weep.

It's understandable if you’re not in the mood to get the giggles. Grieving takes time, after all. That said, you can also recharge by doing an activity you truly enjoy, whether it’s gardening, napping, or cooking.

Cool Your Skin Down

Ugly crying can run your skin ragged. It draws out moisture from the top layer of the skin, which may lead to . The constant eye rubbing doesn’t help, either. Cue chapped, that feels raw and sensitive to the touch.

Following your tearful session, wash your face with cold water and Dove Facial Cleansing Mousse Moisture Care to bring down redness (and remove mascara streaks, if you have any). It has 40% Active-boost serum and , which will smoothen and plump your skin for up to 24 hours.

Continue the skin pampering routine with POND'S Bright Miracle Day Cream. The combination of and niasorcinol helps replenish hydration, repair the , and brighten your complexion. You can even make it a spa-like moment by gently massaging your skin with a jade or roller.

De-Puff Your Eyes, Stat

Grab an ice cube, cover it in a clean napkin, and pat it around the corners of your eyes. The coldness will jumpstart your lymphatic system, helping drain fluid and reduce inflammation and swelling.

If ice cubes aren’t available, an alternative is to dip your fingers into icy-cold water and press them on your closed eyelids. Lightly tap your way to the under-eye area to alleviate any puffiness.

Touch Up Your Makeup

Your first instinct might be to cover those bags under your eyes with layers of concealer. However, the may be the better option since your skin is still feeling upset.

Skip the foundation for now and dab the tiniest amount of concealer to camouflage dark circles. One nifty trick to open up the eyes without caking your skin is applying a nude liner on the waterline. And, of course, swipe on a few coats of mascara. Make sure it’s waterproof!

Ugly crying is far from negative. It’s one of the cheapest self-care strategies you can do at home. The aftermath may not be pretty, but that’s what these stress-relieving and beauty tips are here for.