Beautiful Asian woman with glowing skin

The quest for brighter skin is universal. No matter what skin type, we’ll always want to look more luminous, radiant, and most of all, glowing. The first step to achieving this is addressing the opposite: dull skin. There can be several reasons behind dullness. These include environmental pollution, an unhealthy diet, dehydration, stress, too much sun exposure, and a skincare routine that doesn’t address any of these issues. To find out how to brighten dull skin, read on. 

Add Exfoliation to Your Routine

When somebody says you look ashy, they most likely mean it literally. Ashy tint on the skin occurs when dead skin cells accumulate on the surface. The American Academy of Dermatology states that we shed around 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells a day, and these don’t fall off on their own. Instead, they form the top 18 to 23 layers of your epidermis. You need to give them a little nudge, or they will lend a grayish, dull tone to your skin. can help slough off these dead skin cells and reveal newer, brighter skin.

Take Your Evening Skincare Routine Seriously

Whatever you do for your evening skincare routine, do it religiously. Taking off the day’s dirt and grime is essential if you want brighter, glowing skin. This is especially true if you live in the city and are exposed to environmental pollution, which can carry free radicals that can damage cells and cause premature aging. This can manifest in the form of wrinkles, roughness, and . So don’t skip the evening routine, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day. 

Hydrate Your Skin Inside and Out

Dehydrated skin looks lusterless. This much we know is true. But keep in mind that the skin has multiple layers, and focusing on the surface isn’t enough. When skin loses hydration in the dermis and beneath the epidermis, it can look shriveled and extra dull. The solution is to hydrate skin from the inside to carry water to all parts of the skin. Aside from drinking plenty of water, eat water-rich foods such as watermelon, cucumber, celery, and leafy greens. 

Wear Sunscreen, Please!

Because it’s not possible to completely avoid the sun, try to wear sunscreen, especially on exposed areas of your body, like your face, arms, legs, shoulders, and neck. Wearing sunscreen doesn’t just protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays, but it also keeps your expensive skincare products from going to waste. No matter how much brightening products you apply to your skin, it won’t do you any good if you’re still getting exposed to the sun. 

Use a Brightening Lotion Hydrates and Renews

A multitasking lotion for dull skin like Vaseline Healthy Bright Gluta-Hya Serum Burst will give you a dewy glow while hydrating your skin. It comes in a unique formula that bursts into water droplets upon application and is easily absorbed by the skin. Available in two variants, this lotion for dull skin nourishes skin deeply and brightens within five days of regular use.

Vaseline Healthy Bright Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Dewy Radiance is formulated with GlutaGlow, hyaluron, and for bright, glowing skin. While Vaseline Healthy Bright Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Flawless Glow contains GlutaGlow, hyaluron, and for even-toned skin. Both have 10 times more brightening power than Vitamin C, giving the skin an intense boost of radiance.

Add these simple steps to your routine to achieve brighter skin and a healthy glow.