Asian woman in Christmas hat hugging present next to tree.

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some presents show off meticulous preparation. Think handcrafted, custom-made, or ordered months in advance. Some come in a barer package – off the rack from the nearest store. When you rip open the wrapping paper and find yourself confronted by an angel figurine, how do you react?

Let’s be honest: There was a time in your life when unwrapping a desk clock or a keychain would trigger dismay. But when you’re a woman of a certain age and possess a higher need for practicality, seeing a coin bank after gingerly peeling off that tape makes you sigh in relief. Finally, you have a place to store all the loose change you find around the house.

These presents may seem “basic” at first glance, but anything that won’t collect dust on the shelf is always welcome. Well, in our book.

Have Too Many Towels

Monica Geller has 11 categories for her towels alone. While that seems excessive initially, it makes sense. Sometimes, you do need to separate “guest” from “fancy guest.” Jokes aside, towels fall under the class of items you can’t have enough of, especially if you do the hygienic thing of changing it at least weekly or when it’s damp.

Start a Mug Collection

You never know when you’ll break a mug and need a replacement. That alone is reason enough to stockpile these helpful drinking vessels. More than that, mugs are incredibly versatile. You can use them to store knickknacks, like pens or thumbtacks, and to bake!

Warm Yourself Up With Scarves

Scarves are ideal Christmas gifts. They fit any and come in an assortment of colors and styles. You can use them to jazz up an outfit or simply keep warm. You can turn large scarves into curtains or convert them as twillies for your purses. Did you know has her scarves framed to hang on her wall?

Bathe in Serenity With Scented Candles

Imagine being a 10-year-old and receiving a scented candle when you’re expecting an iPod or something. But now that you’re a woman of substance and adult-related stress, you can appreciate how breathing in the can help make life seem a little more tolerable.

Enjoy Skincare Products

Everyone loves receiving skin candy. Who wouldn’t want to open a bag and find some ? POND’S Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Essence is a power-packed holy grail in a tiny package. It boasts 10 anti-aging ingredients, including thrice the hyaluronic acid and niacinamide compared to other products. It promotes , , , and fades , among other benefits. This product is really a gift that keeps giving.

Complete the set with POND'S Age Miracle Anti-Aging Eye Cream. It has prebiotics and Blur Technology to reduce wrinkles and other tell-tale . No one will say no to the gift of youth.

Make Things Stick With Magnets

Magnets are nifty little objects. They’re great for sticking your kids’ artwork on the fridge or posting reminders on a memo board. They also serve other purposes. You can use them for décor or even as toys for your young ones.

Collect Notebooks And Stationery

Who says stationery gifting ended in the ’90s? Everybody needs something to write on – and it’s a bonus when that something is pretty. Ideas just flow when you’re scribbling notes on impeccably designed paper.

Organize Your Life With Containers

The holidays are the perfect time to , kitchens, and supplies. If you think this way, then organizers and other storage solutions are your kind of Christmas gifts. They symbolize cleaning up clutter and starting the new year fresh.

Just because some Christmas gifts look basic does not mean they weren’t chosen without thought. Remember that if they’re giving you something, they’re likely thinking of you! Just say thank you and find a place on your shelf for your new mug.