Young Asian woman applying serum on cheek

If you have oily skin, then you can probably attest to how tricky skin care can be. It’s oily, but you can’t use drying products! It’s oily, but some parts are flaky! It’s oily, but you still have to moisturize! All these contradictions stem from the fact that even oily skin needs moisturization and nourishment, and you can get these from serum for oily skin. 

Why Does Oily Skin Need Serum?

Oily skin occurs when the sebaceous glands in the skin produce more oil than necessary. In reasonable amounts, sebum moisturizes the skin and protects it from external aggressors. When there is an overproduction of oil, however, pores can become enlarged and clogged, which leads to acne. Overproduction of oil can be caused by genetics, hormonal changes, or even stress.

Skin that is stripped of oil can also produce to compensate, leading to greasier skin. For example, acne treatments such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide can cause the skin to feel tight and dry. When skin loses its moisture barrier, it becomes even more prone to irritation and breakouts.

Using a face serum on oily skin may be exactly what it needs to balance it. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, oiliness shouldn’t be confused with hydration. Using a moisturizer that has both humectant and occlusive properties can help restore hydration within the skin, and provide a layer of moisture to lock it all in. 

Your oily skin may also need to be treated for other things, such as acne, acne marks, reducing oil production, and strengthening its moisture barrier. This is where serums come in.

Using Serum for Oily Skin

Serums are formulas that are meant to penetrate deep into the skin to deliver active ingredients. More lightweight than a moisturizer, serums can be the missing step in your routine if your needs hydration and moisture. A serum can come in lotion, gel, oil, or liquid form, and depending on its formulation, can treat a variety of concerns. These include fine lines, , acne, and dryness. If heavy creams make your skin look slick, try using serum instead.

Serum with , also known as vitamin B3, can help your skin grow a lipid barrier that can aid in moisture retention. Its anti-inflammatory properties also make it good for acne-prone skin, and it also inhibits the production of excess oil. POND’S Perfect Potion Essence is a , essence, and serum in one product. It is formulated with 4D hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin and to draw hydration, and niacinamide to boost softness, regulate oil production, and brighten dark spots.

For an added burst of nourishment and to fade dark spots from acne, apply POND’S Skin Perfecting Serum Burst Cream, which is rich in hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, and vitamin C with patented Gluta-boost technology for 10x more brightening power.

Meanwhile, if you want to reduce the appearance of pores and tighten your skin, use POND’S Age Miracle Youthful Glow Double Action Serum, which is enhanced with 30x skin renewal actives to give skin an instant glow and renew skin, while providing intense hydration and nourishment.

A serum that does it all is POND’S Bright Triple Glow Serum, which has a skin-perfecting formula composed of antioxidant-rich GlutaBoost+ which brightens 60x better than Vitamin C, pore-refining niacinamide for a smoother look, and nourishing hyaluronic acid that healthy, hydrated glow.

When your skin is oily, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is applying more products that can make it feel slicker, but a serum for oily skin is a great way to introduce nourishment and hydration without the heaviness of creams.