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Visually, the fine line between and can be tricky for some people to navigate. After all, they look the same, right? Wrong. On the contrary, dewy skin looks very different from oily skin. The latter is also the result of varying factors. Learn the differences between dewy and oily skin. Plus, find out how you can achieve that radiant, healthy glow.

What Is Dewy Skin?

Dewy skin and oily skin can be differentiated by how they look and what causes them. . Some people can’t help but have oily skin because of genetics — they are born with overactive sebaceous glands and larger pores that naturally produce more oil, particularly in the . Usually, this skin type is also prone to acne breakouts because the excess sebum can mix with dirt and bacteria and become trapped in the pores. Visually, it looks very slick and shiny.

On the other hand, is the product of internal and external . Practice a regular skincare routine for dewy skin – usually, this promotes moisturization, exfoliation, and radiance. Dewy skin is not a skin type but a result of skin care. Appearance-wise, it and hydrated. “Glowing” is another way to describe it. The shine is focused on specific points where the light hits, like the tops of the cheeks. You can manufacture this glow by adding light-reflecting makeup or creams to these areas.

If the shine on your face builds up throughout the day and it feels like it’s covered in a slippery film, your skin is likely more oily than dewy.

How to Get Dewy Skin

The are clarity, brightness, smoothness, and hydration. If you want to achieve dewy skin, aimed at deep-cleansing the pores to promote clear, acne-free skin. Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type — you can achieve a dewy glow even if your skin is naturally oily or dry. It’s just a matter of sticking to a routine.

Next, look for products that gently the skin, like POND’S Bright Serum Burst Cream. It gently exfoliates and promotes cellular turnover with ingredients like niacinamide while brightening the skin with Gluta-Boost Technology.

Finally, hydrate your skin every step of the way. If you have oily skin, choose an oil-free moisturizer, like POND'S Orange Nectar Jelly Moisturizer, that won’t clog your pores. This gel formula has 100% natural-origin orange nectar. It brightens your skin while delivering intense moisture deep in the pores. It’s also alcohol-free, so you don’t have to worry about irritation.

Anyone can achieve dewy skin with the proper skincare routine. Yes, even if you have naturally oily skin. You can still go from slick to glowing with the right products that promote hydration minus the oil. If you want dewy skin, try the steps and products above. You could also take it a notch further and go for . Make sure to focus on clarity, exfoliation, and hydration.