Smiling woman wearing ripped denim pants, sunglasses, and yellow blazer.

It wasn’t long ago when having thick thighs would get you some side-eye glances if you wore shorts. If you grew up in the age of “heroin chic,” thin-worshipping ideals and were sadly par for the course. Thankfully, we’re past the obsession now (to everyone’s relief!) and have started appreciating the allure of curvaceous gams. 

Here’s a fact: There’s no right or wrong type of body – slim, fat, or anything in between. Yours is unique and deserves to be cherished for all the incredible things it allows you to do. And today, we put the spotlight on thick thighs and why they’re one of your greatest assets.

1. Thick Thighs Save Lives, Literally

Multiple studies have found that people with bigger thighs have a lower risk of developing , diabetes, and . These findings might seem counterintuitive, considering the well-known link between high body fat percentage and various health issues. However, not all fat is created equal.

A study featured in the sheds some light on this phenomenon. Fat stored in the legs (gluteofemoral fat) supports the body’s metabolism by reducing bad cholesterol levels, stabilizing blood sugar, and enhancing insulin resistance. In contrast, visceral fat, which tends to accumulate around the abdomen area, is metabolically more active and releases inflammatory substances into the bloodstream.

2. You Can Outrun Anyone

If you're a proud owner of thick thighs, you undoubtedly have a leg up (wink) in the world of athletics. Take Serena Williams and her sculpted quads, for example. Her strong thighs are like built-in engines that propel her through the most grueling tennis matches. Those extra muscles can generate more force with each stride, and you don’t have to be a Grand Slam champion to tap into their potential. You can feel the power whenever you’re breaking a sweat at the gym, , or simply rearranging your furniture for .

Endurance is another perk. Your mighty upper legs store ample energy for you to tap into. This means you’re less prone to fatigue and can push harder during workouts or other physical activities. Safe to say, your curvy bottoms might improve your odds in a .

3. You Look Fire in Anything

Forget the fashion critics. Your thunder thighs don’t limit your wardrobe choices. On the contrary, they bring out the best in virtually any outfit: pencil skirts, skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, palazzo pants, – you name it. You don’t need to hop on the season’s latest trends, anyway.

It’s time to ditch those outdated body type rules. No one should dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear, not even Anna Wintour. So, whether your thighs are jiggly, muscular, or full of cellulite, flaunt them unapologetically. Wear striking colors. Break out the prints. If you like the ‘fit, rock the hell out of it.

4. The Cold Never Bothers You

While you can’t control the weather, your thicker thighs provide a natural layer of insulation that keeps you cozy when the temperature drops. All you need to do is slip your hands under your thighs or between your knees and – ta-da! – you’re toasty and warm. Think of it like a neat superpower only you have.

Having big thighs can also protect you against degenerative joint disease, which increases sensitivity to cold. Research reveals that strong thigh muscles lower the risk of developing in women. So, if you’ve been avoiding squats and leg extensions for fear of making your lower half beefier, stop holding back.

How to Love Your Thick Thighs (More Than Before)

Undoing the harm caused by body issues and internalized fatphobia is a continuous process. At the heart of it, practicing self-care is key.

Pamper your thighs like you would your face. After every shower, apply Vaseline Gluta-Hya Serum Burst Lotion Flawless Glow all over your body to boost your skin’s natural barrier function. It has 10x Pro-Retinol that brightens a dull complexion and Serum Burst Technology that delivers hydration deep within the skin.

Apply Petroleum Jelly to extra dry areas and leave it overnight. This occlusive formula keeps moisture from escaping your skin. You can also reapply it on the insides of your thighs before exercising to prevent or use it to protect and heal blisters.

Last but not least, let go of the pressure to have the “perfect” body. If mainstream media has taught us anything, it’s that are like shifting sands. Take a moment to look at your thick thighs and say positive affirmations about them. Slowly but surely, you’ll be less critical of your figure and become your very own hype girl.