Red Velvet’s Wendy winking and wearing a white t-shirt

The secret behind the world-renowned of your favorite K-Pop idol is hardly, well, a secret. It’s a diligent designed to unlock and highlight your skin’s natural radiance. Red Velvet’s Wendy, for example, swears by three ingredients to maintain her smooth-as-glass complexion.

Are you ready to get glowing skin of your own? Luckily, Wendy’s trusty holy grail ingredients are super accessible!

Are you Going for That Poreless Look?

The darling of the skincare world, is a power-packed ingredient with a trove of benefits. Have you ever asked yourself how to make your skin seem ? Nope, no amount of foundation can give you the smooth, polished finish you’re looking for. Niacinamide, however, minimizes the appearance of pores to create a smooth, refined texture. 

But the benefits of niacinamide are more than skin deep. Yes it can help treat numerous skin concerns, such as acne and , but scientifically speaking, this helps produce essential proteins that strengthen the epidermis, defending the skin against , dryness, and other types of damage. It’s no wonder Wendy always seems confident. She knows her skin is well-protected. 

Keep Your Skin Well-Hydrated

If your goal is to get , then you better start making sure that your skin is well-hydrated. Wendy gives her skin the nourishment it deserves with hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid not only draws water to the skin’s surface but also helps your skin retain it. This nifty molecule can carry up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in healthy-looking, dewy skin. The body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, but production can slow down through time. Thankfully, you can get by with a little help from the right skincare product.

Fun fact: Did you know that hyaluronic acid isn’t an acid? It’s actually a type of sugar. Sweet!

Turn Up your Skin’s Wattage

Poreless? Check! Hydration? Check! Rounding everything out is the last piece of the puzzle: Gluta-Boost-C. An ingredient that’s just a big a superstar as Wendy, Gluta-Boost-C can brighten your skin 60x better than Vitamin C. Not only does it help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation, but it also evens out skin tone. Glow up? That’s a big check. 

Find a Serum That Can Offer All Three Ingredients

While Koreans are famous for their multi-step skincare routines, Wendy has her regimen trimmed down to the essentials with a multitasking product that offers these three ingredients. Not only is it a timesaver, but it will also let you save dresser space. (And you know we’re all about that minimalist lifestyle.

POND’s Bright Triple Glow Serum is a highly concentrated brightening that harnesses the power of these three Kpop skincare must-haves. Use three drops of the serum and spread it carefully on your fresh, clean face and neck. To help your skin absorb the product faster, use your fingertips to gently massage your skin. Use it continually and watch your skin become smoother, more nourished, and more radiant. A serum that does it all? Mind-glowing.

Wendy may be a world-famous, but dreamy, luminous skin isn’t exclusive to K-Pop stars. Go on. Get yours.