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Humans rely on collagen for skin health. After all, it is the most abundant structural protein in the body. While the protein is naturally occurring, it’s also a buzz-worthy skincare ingredient. You can find collagen in many products designed to make skin bouncy and youthful, from serums and creams to supplements.

Collagen strengthens skin, maintains elasticity, and improves hydration, which helps reduce fine lines, firm skin, and refine skin texture. These qualities make it helpful for various skin concerns, including the obvious (wrinkles and sagging) and the not-so-obvious (rough, discolored underarms).

Aside from its multiple , collagen is essential for keeping you in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, your body produces less and less collagen as you age. You make 1% less collagen each year, beginning in your 20s. While it’s natural for collagen to break down over time, some may want to be proactive in boosting their collagen levels to continue reaping its benefits.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen supports and strengthens skin. Along with elastin, collagen is a vital protein that gives skin elasticity, a.k.a. bounciness. Think of an infant’s soft, plump cheeks. At their age, collagen production is just peaking, while elastin levels remain strong. In addition to caring for the skin, collagen supports internal body parts, like connective tissues, tendons, bones, and cartilage. It also helps with tissue repair, cellular communication, migration, and your body’s immune response.

The Many Benefits of Collagen for Skin(Including Underarms!)

Collagen keeps skin healthy all over. Of course, that includes oft-neglected areas like the underarms. As collagen works to refine your skin texture, it can also smooth rough patches and bumps (a.k.a. chicken skin) on your armpits.

For a collagen-infused underarm product that feels like premium skincare, try the Dove Intensive Renew Deo Dry Serum Collagen + Omega 6. It boosts skin renewal, keeps underarm skin smooth, and firms up the area with a collagen and omega-6 concentrate. Unlike other deodorants, it absorbs quickly and dries instantly, leaving you with a fresh feeling in your underarms.

Are you officially on Team Collagen now? Welcome to the club. Learn more about its many potential skin benefits (and, by extension, what it can do for your underarms).

1. It prevents wrinkles and fine lines.

Exposure to the sun, pollution, poor health choices, and aging can all decrease collagen levels. When that happens, will start to appear around the eyes and mouth. Collagen products and supplements can help prevent these signs of aging, keeping your skin supple and smooth for longer.

2. It improves skin tone.

The amino acids in collagen can help even out an uneven skin tone and complexion. A found that decreased collagen fibers due to age can make skin appear less bright. Hence, maintaining more collagen in your skin can give it a glowing appearance.

Additionally, help promote collagen synthesis. Collagen’s amino acids help fade hyperpigmentation by strengthening skin, giving it structure, and allowing it to repair skin cells. It also protects the skin from oxidative free radicals and suppresses the enzyme tyrosinase, which reduces melanin production.

3. It improves the appearance of scars.

Collagen’s amino acids can help make dark spots and scars from acne or other skin issues appear less noticeable. Collagen in itself is known to help promote healthy tissue formation. It speeds up the healing process in times of injury, so your skin can naturally repair itself and minimize the appearance of scars.

4. It keeps skin moisturized.

The loss of collagen due to aging or environmental factors can leave your underarm skin feeling dry and flaky. Boosting your collagen reserves through supplements or skincare can give your skin the hydration it needs. As a result, your skin can maintain a soft, supple texture and radiant appearance.

As you can see, numerous perks come with collagen for the skin. And with some maintenance, you can continue to reap its benefits long after your body’s production begins to slow down. Keep your skin firm, bright, and wrinkle-free – underarms, too – with collagen!