A collage of Emma Corrin and Julia Roberts showing their armpit hair.

Few topics have sparked as much debate and scrutiny as female body hair. When a woman chooses to have hairy armpits, she's "gross" and "lazy." But no one bats an eyelash when a man does the same. This stark double standard reveals the bias ingrained in our society and the unwritten that dictate that women must have smooth, hairless bodies.

Shaving or not shaving your underarm fuzz should be a personal choice, like picking out a or trying different . If you're considering putting down the razor, perhaps these celebrities who have publicly shown their hairy armpits can offer extra motivation. Ready for some female celebrity armpits? Below, we've rounded up a list of Hollywood icons who took the "long hair, don't care" catchphrase to another level.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an Academy Award-winning actress, one of the world’s most beautiful women, and a firm believer that hairy armpits are sexy. Throughout her 60-year (and counting) acting career, she has proudly flaunted her unshaven underarms on and off the silver screen. When everyone thought her disregard for would have dimmed her stardom, the opposite happened. Her popularity rose and she stood out among other Hollywood starlets at the time, redefining bombshell beauty.

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has never been one to shy away from breaking the rules. The renowned actress made headlines at the premiere of her iconic rom-com Notting Hill in 1999, but not just because of her gleaming smile. It was the glorious display of peeking through her red sequined dress that stole the spotlight.

Nearly two decades later, Roberts revealed that her intention wasn't to make a deliberate statement against . Her reasoning was surprisingly simple: she had forgotten to shave. Regardless of the agenda, the iconic moment served as a reminder that body hair belongs on the red carpet, too.

Rachel McAdams

Too busy to shave your underarms? It happens even to A-listers like Rachel McAdams. The actress-slash-mother recently graced the cover of a magazine with full sass and hairy armpits in sight. For the shoot, she asked that all the images be retouched as minimally as possible. All the details, from the stubble under her arms to her , made her look more charming than ever.

While some haters were quick to post disapproving comments, more supporters felt inspired to as they are, hair and all. What matters is you feel comfortable with your choice. For a confidence boost, nourish your underarms with Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant Roll-On. It's a gentle deo formulated with moisturizing cream to naturally ward off BO and smoothen your underarms in one go. 

Emma Corrin

Growing out body hair was a cathartic for Emma Corrin. After years of shaving, they quickly realized that going au naturel is not so bad. Think of all the advantages: no more razor burns, fewer expenses, and more free time. Ever since this revelation, Corrin has displayed hairy armpits (and unshaven legs!) on not one, but two magazine covers. Talk about a power move! 

Janelle Monáe

The multi-hyphenate Janelle Monáe serves her best looks on every occasion, and her 2022 Met Gala appearance was no exception. If you need a refresher, the theme was Gilded Glamour, which she embodied with a head-to-toe sparkling Ralph Lauren dress and underarm fluff, challenging the very definition of a sexy armpit. It wasn't a one-time occurrence either, as she continued sporting hairy armpits during the 2023 Pride Month festivities. She slayed even when she didn’t shave.

Michelle Rodriguez

Have you ever wondered how women would fare in a fantasy, ? Since shaving would be a thing of the past, your armpit locks would naturally grow in full force, as demonstrated in Michelle Rodriguez’s portrayal of Holga in the Dungeons and Dragons 2023 adaptation. To bring authenticity to the character, Rodriguez bid farewell to her razor for three solid months, proudly displaying her hairy armpits on and off the set. TBH, she looks more badass than ever!

While there are a few individuals who do not grow body hair, it's normal to have hairy armpits. Whether you like having hairy armpits or prefer them bare, the empowering message remains the same: it's all about choice and embracing what makes you feel confident. Remember that your body, your rules.