Asian woman after shower showing shaven underarm.

Do you think you know how to shave your armpits? While shaving your underarms can be as straightforward as gliding a razor across your pits, being more intentional about it can take your shave from good to great.

You could be making mistakes that lead to cuts, dry skin, ingrown hairs, or even razor burns. Think about it: your armpits are among the most sensitive areas of your body – so it makes sense to treat them well and ensure delicate care.

You take care of your face with a pampering skincare routine; why shouldn’t you get #extra with your underarms too? Here are some tips on how to shave your armpits the right way.

Take Your Time

First, accept that shaving – even a small surface area like your pits – will take time. You’ll need to prep your underarms, sanitize your tools, and store them properly when you’re finished. Rushing through the process can leave you with nicks and cuts or even damage your skin.

Instead, select the most convenient time to shave your pits and provide proper care. For many, this could be at nighttime before bed or on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

This is an essential step in learning how to shave armpits. You may think it's unnecessary since gliding your razor across your skin means you’re scraping off dead skin cells. While technically correct, it isn’t the way to go if you want smooth, bump-free skin after shaving.

If you are prone to razor bumps and irritation, consider exfoliating the area with a gentle cleanser and toner with AHAs or BHAs in lower concentrations. You could also use a body scrub, sloughing off dead skin with small, circular motions. Do this a few days before shaving, not right before, to avoid irritation.

Doing so helps prevent they grow out of the follicle and not sideways into the skin. It also ensures that you get a clean and even shave. One bonus? Exfoliation also helps even out your underarm skin as long as you don’t overdo it.

Make Sure to Use a Sharp Razor

Stop shaving with a dull razor blade to avoid dreaded stubble or irritation. A sharp razor is the key to achieving the closest shave. Dull blades also increase the likelihood of razor burn and skin irritation, since you’ll need to glide them over your skin a few times to get the job done. If the blade starts pulling at your body hair or feels rough against your skin, it’s time to replace it.

Don’t Skip the Prep

Don't skip prepping up your underarms before shaving. Using shaving cream or gel is crucial when you’re shaving sensitive areas such as your armpits or even the , which are most prone to irritation.

Products made specifically for shaving have emollients that soften the skin and hair for a smoother shave. They also help maintain moisture on your skin, protecting it from friction. If you don’t have shaving cream, soften your skin with a mild body wash or conditioner and lukewarm water. You can also try or olive oil.

Another reason to wash your underarm skin before shaving is to make sure it’s clear of sweat and deodorant that can clog your razor blades. Cleansing also helps prevent bacteria from penetrating through the skin if it gets cut.

Moisturize Your Skin as After-Care

step in caring for underarm skin. After you are done shaving, rinse and gently pat your armpits dry with a clean towel. Then, apply an alcohol-free moisturizer to soothe the skin, keep it hydrated, and reduce the chances of developing irritation.

Your newly shaved skin is now a clean canvas for deodorant so you can get on with your day. Be gentle on your skin with the new Dove 0% Deodorant. It has 0% aluminum salts, 0% alcohol, and includes Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream that can give you fresher and smoother underarms.

Now you know how to shave armpits, the #extra way – so you can get smooth and soft armpits each time.